Research Advice

Q: What is a good research paper

A: Present novel idea that helps advance science and engineering field, solve "hard" and "meaningful" problems that have impact. 

How to write research articles 
  by Ivan Stojmenovic

We Are Sorry to Inform You 
  by Simone Santini
  - Original document from IEEE

Graduate school advice
  from CMU

Graduate Study in the Computer Science: A Survival Manual
   from Univ. of Maryland 

Advice on research and writing
  from CMU

Advice for researchers and students
   from MIT

How to be a Winner? 
   from UPenn

How to read a paper 
   from S. Keshav

Writing technical articles 
   from Columbia Univ.

Whitesides' Group: Writing a Paper 
   from G.M. Whitesides

How to Write a Great Research Paper 
   from Simon Peyton Jones, Microsoft Research

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