Protocol for Student Paper Draft Submissions

If you are working with me for your research and you are sending me your draft paper, below are a set of procedures for submitting drafts so we don't waste precious time:


  1. Make a folder/directory in which all the latex files (and figure files) reside.  
  2. Make SURE that all Figures are under Figs sub-folder.  
  3. Make SURE that the directory has everything that's needed to generate a PDF or PS file.  
  4. If it compiles for you, then look over the .PDF file which is produced and make sure it's all readable and what you want to send.
  5. Compress the entire folder/directory in which all the latex files (and figure files) reside as a .ZIP file and send it to me via email.


  1. If I send you back, for instance, Paper2.tex, please send me back your revisions as the next increment, Paper3.tex. Send only this Paper3.tex file unless figures have changed. 
  2. If any figures have changed, send me the associated files along with the PaperN.tex file where N represents the revision number that you make after I share the latest version and share with me. 


  1. You must use LaTex or Overleaf for developing the manuscripts. LaTex templates for IEEE and ACM can be found Here: IEEE Template and ACM Template 
  2. All FIGURES must be properly labeled and captioned with legends where appropriate.  Don't make readers and me guess what a figure means.
  3. Proofread your draft before you send it to me. If I get a draft which is not proofread for obvious syntax spelling and typographical errors, I will send it back unread.  
  4. All papers you share with me should have proper citations in place and a bibliography at the end. You should have an associated .bib file and use bibtex on your latex papers.