Robust Mission Critical (semi-)Autonomous Systems (MiCAS)

Project Description: 

Wireless connectivity for communication and control in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) networks is very critical to accomplish an assigned task such as monitoring a given area. Because of 3-dimensional nature and dynamic mobility of UAVs, there are several challenges. Furthermore, due to the three-dimensional nature of UAVs, a new model for wireless ad hoc networks needs to be developed. Traditional network models assume a two-dimensional framework and do not take into account the large changes in 3-D (longitude, attitude and altitude) that typically occurs with UAV networks. In this project, we are in the process of analyzing, designing, developing and evaluating 3-D wireless ad hoc networks for mission critical systems and applications. Typical research areas involved are: 
  • Adaptive wireless Connectivity for Communications and Control in 3D UAV networks. 
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for 3-D UAV wireless ad hoc networks. 
  • Signal Processing for Wireless Communications for 3-D UAV wireless ad hoc networks. 
  • Secure Wireless Communication Schemes for 3-D UAV ad hoc networks

Example Scenario: A testbed of 3-D Wireless Ad hoc Networks for Mission Critical (semi-) Autonomous Systems (MiCAS)

Figure 1: 3-D Wireless Ad hoc Networks for Mission Critical Autonomous System (MiCAS) 


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