Cyber Security for Smart Grid Communications

Due to the recent changes in electrical consumption behavior and technological advancement, demand of power grids have increased drastically. Robust and efficient delivery and distribution of electricity, integration of renewable energy sources into the grid cannot function without an extensive data communication system. Smart grid communication provides two way delivery of information and energy in the power systems infrastructure as shown in Figure 1. However, increased connectivity of grid assets and bidirectional communications presents severe security challenges. Due to the critical nature of the smart grid services, it becomes a prime target for acts of cyber terrorism. Thus, cyber security for smart grid is essential for reliable power grid operations. 

Our research focuses on all aspects of cyber security for smart grid including proactive real-time intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and intrusion detection systems (IDS) using machine learning and artificial intelligence, network segmentation, controlled wireless propagation, authentication, authorization, certification. The proposed solutions comprised of scalable, resilient, and adaptive cyber security/defense techniques for smart grid operation without affecting any legitimate operations. 

Figure 1: Smart Grid Communications and Infrastructures 

  • D. B. Rawat
  • C. Bajracharya

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