Facilities at CWiNs Lab

CWiNs Lab  was established with equipment funds (approx. $200,000) from the US National Science Foundation (NSF) and university sponsored program. The main facilities include wireless signal generator, wireless signal and spectrum analyzer, software radios, Android tablets, high speed toy cars, On-board units for vehicular communications, Microsoft SORA kits, Laptops, Desktops, wireless access points, quadcopters, networking printer, Arduino Uno with wireless kits, sound sensors, etc. Few pictures could be found here.

CWiNs Team

CWiNs Lab provides an excellent environment for students and faculty members to conduct cutting edge research and development on the topics related to Cybersecurity, Wireless Systems and Networking. Currently we have 12 affiliate faculty, 4 graduate students, and 7 undergraduate students conducting their research using CWiNs Lab. More information about CWiNs group members could be found here.

Some CWiNs Lab Pictures 

Graduate Students Working on Their Research Projects.

Graduate students working on 3-D (Ground and Arial Vehicular) Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Graduate Students Working on Cloud-computing based Cognitive Wireless Networks.

Students Working on REU Project  

Agilent Signal & Spectrum Analyzer and Vector Signal Generator.

Part of a Cognitive Radio Network Testbed

Quadcopter for Flying Ad hoc Network Testbed.

LocoMate Devices for  Vehicular Communication Network Testbed.