CWiNs Members

Faculty and Principle Investigator(s)

Director and Principal Investigator

PhD Students 

Mr. E. Olumide Malomo
(Graduated in Summer 2018)

 Mr. Abdulhamid Adebayo Mr. Ronald Doku

Mr. Naveen Sapavath  Mr. Geremew Begna
Mr. Guy Lingani

Ms. Amani Alshaikh Ms. Sunitha Safavat
Ms. Yasmeen Mussard-Afcari
Ms. Dema Alorini Mr. Abdullah Alshammari   Ms. Ghaida Alorini  

Mr.  Vijay Chaudhary  

Mr. James McCoy  Mr. Ashish Adhikari
Ms. Reham Alsabet Ms. W. Alshami  Ms. Aamani Alzahrani

MS Students 

Ms. Hanan Alshammari (2018 - )  
Ms. T. White (2016- 2017)  
Mr. Abdullah Alshammari (2016- 2018)   Ms. Reham Alsabet  (2016- 2018)  

Undergraduate Students 

Swapnil Tamrakar 

Sean Grant Jr.  
Sumit Dhungel 

Kolby Lacy 
Shaunelle Thomas
Shelice Dwyer         

David Nesbeth

Shanay Saddler    

A. Deep 
 D. Hill 
Mahia Tasneem

Graduate Students (Alumni)

 R. Grodi
(Graduated in May 5, 2016)
Aurora Flight Sciences 
 N. Sharma
(Graduated in May 5, 2016)
Palo-Alto Firewall for Network Security
  T. Amin
(Graduated in May 5, 2016)
at UT-D


 S. Reddy
(Graduated in May 5, 2016)
at Avion Networks
C. Howard  
(GSU Alumni)
at Southern Nuclear Company
K. Bhimraj  
(GSU Alumni)
N. Sterling Holcomb
(GSU Alumni)

B. Chatfield
(GSU Alumni)
at Cisco 
I. Cushman
(GSU Alumni)



 N. Sterling Holcomb  I. Cushman David Ames 

Macy Beasley
Christopher Ludaway 

A. Bhimraj 

 Joshua T. Blasius (UG)   Jarvis Dotson (UG)  Cornelis Reister (UG)


Brandon Lugas (UG)
Lenworth Mellis (UG)
Salathiel Gaiter

 Robert Darkwinters
 Joshua Stevenson

 Jamal Simpson 


F. Malik 

(This picture was taken in September, 2018 - After Group Meeting - Outside the Center)

CWiNs Group Members, 2017. 
(This picture was taken in April 2017 in CWiNs Research Lab@HU)

CWiNs Group Members, 2015/2016. 
(This picture was taken in August, 2015 in CWiNs Research Lab)

CWiNs Group Members, 2013/2014. 
(This picture was taken in August, 2014 in CWiNs Research Lab)

Graduated Students (Thesis Committee Member)
Mo. Rabbi (Thesis: Assessment of Electrode Configurations of Electrical Impedance Myography for the Evaluation of Neuromuscular Diseases)
Matthew Scott Purser (Thesis: A Technical and Economic Feasibility Study of Implementing a Microgrid at GSU)
Ferhat Kaplan  (Thesis: A Study of Diversity Techniques for LTE Wireless Systems )
Selcuk Taskin  (Thesis: Performance Analysis for WiMAX Wireless Systems with Multiple Receive Antennas)

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